And a great Ha'lo to you,

Hoping you are alive, well and
having a GREAT day.

For 66 years now [or so far any
way]...  I've lived through some very unbelievable, horrific ​and even CRAZY life situations that have awakened and opened my mind to what the powers that be have worked so very hard to keep from us.

I'm pretty sure all the storyline is intact and 
ready to assemble into book form but I'm not
rushing to finish because this is important, not 

just for me to work through it, but...  for you to
know and understand as well.

As for my current plans...  this website will be
the launching point for my new book when and
if it is ever finally published.  Yes, 
you ​will read 
and hear about it HERE first.  

So till then, enjoy my rants and stories posted
on this website.

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


P.S.  My right lower leg amputated in 2003, left one in 2012.  Doctor told me I would never walk or work again in 2001 and that my death was imminent in 1991. It's 2017 now and guess what I'm doing?  Walking, working, living and proving that I am an immortal spirit wearing a physical tent and can do anything I think, say and believe and...  that the doctor only know what the pharmaceutical corporation allows them to know making them appear to be...  quacks [grin].

Cliff ~ Author

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